Our Story

     Honeycomb Heroes is a veteran owned business.  After 20 something years of serving this great nation and enduring long periods away from home, I wanted to do something that would bring our family together.  So I decided to start a small business.  I can't imagine doing anything else now.  We are still young as a company but we are making long strides to grow.  I guess I'd like to quote a bee keeper from the documentary, Vanishing Bees, "Well, the one thing about honey is, people love honey."  Profound!

Healthy BEES!

How It Works

   Honeycomb Heroes is small beehive operation of 300 hives. We take great pride in practicing organic methods on treating our beehives. Our goal is to produce quality products, including raw honey and 100% natural beeswax based products. This allows us to provide the purest product and make the world a little sweeter!

Why Buy Locally?

    Besides helping the local economy grow, local honey itself has many health benefits. One helpful tip that stands out, is its ability to help prevent and ease allergy suffers if you buy raw honey from a local apiary. Consuming the local raw honey can help because the bees carry pollen around from flower to flower then bring it back to the hive. The honey then mixes in with the pollen. Therefore, when consuming daily, this can help the body become more accustom to the local pollen.

How We Keep Our Bees

     Bees are the true heroes of our company. Without bees - no delicious honey! And MOST important, food crops would not get the proper pollination resulting in food crop die off.  We personally care for our honeybees and love what we do. Honeycomb Heroes makes this promise to our customers: we do not treat our bees with antibiotics and we don't treat for mites during the honey flow.  This ensures our customers get pure honey.