The Shenandoah Spice Company is located at: 

3699 Riverview Drive
Toms Brook, VA 22660


They specialize in hand-crafted, all natural seasoning blends. They carry small and medium Shenandoah Apple Honey

The Great Harvest Bread Co. is located in both Burke and Lorton. They specialize in made-from-scratch whole grain breads, great-tasting sandwiches, and coffee. They're an adventurous bakery, baking a difference. Both bakery/cafe locations carry our local Wildflower, Shenandoah Apple, and Orange Blossom Honeys in many sizes, and also our skin creams and lip balms. 

Belvedere Plantation is a 645 acre heritage farm, built in the 1760s on the historic Rappahannock River near Fredericksburg, Virginia. It is a working farm, with grain crops such as corn, wheat and soybeans — and who can forget the pumpkins! Open during the Fall for an old-fashioned Harvest Festival!


They carry our small, medium, and large local Wildflower Honey

Agora Downtown Coffee Shop is located at:

 520 Caroline St, Fredericksburg, VA

They specialize in many hot and iced coffee drinks and assorted foods.


They carry our small Wildflower and Shenandoah Apple Honey and Wildflower honeysticks

The Freeman Store is a historic country store that gives visitors an opportunity to step back in time to experience what general stores in Virginia once looked like. We sell hand-crafted gifts for children, including a wonderful selection of puzzles and toys. We also offer a variety of postcards, stationery, books, candles, and games. Our selection of gifts for history lovers is also extensive and includes everything handmade pottery depicting the Town of Vienna to Civil War-themed prints. If you’re passing by on the W&OD Trail, step inside for a cold drink and some of our old-fashioned candy! They carry our small Wildflower Honey jars.